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About BFP Eastern

BFP Eastern Ltd is the hub of the East Coast fishing industry, trading since the 1950’s. BFP Eastern Ltd is proud to be one of the three remaining shout auction’s operating in the United Kingdom. BFP Eastern Ltd is a diverse company offering a range of services including;

  • Fish Sales
  • Fuel Supplies – Fishing and Offshore Survey,¬†Support and Guard Vessels
  • Subsidiaries Distribution – Water, Ice, Oil, Sundries, Ship Chandlery
  • Marine Consultancy – Oil, Gas and Energy Sector
  • Fishing Liaison Officer’s
  • Concierge Service – Vessel Maintenance, Marine Engineer,¬†Shipwright’s, Transportation
  • Offshore Contract Personnel Supply

BFP Eastern Ltd has helped support numerous offshore energy clients.

Meet The Team

June Mummery – Managing Director

June entered the fishing industry in 2004 after purchasing BFP Eastern Ltd. June’s previous role was in the engineering sector as a sales director.

Her aim is to get the UK fishing industry back on the map, integrating her business and to work with East Anglia’s offshore wind sector, as both industries harvest from the sea. June has been standing strong at the front line a 2.5 year campaign to keep Lowestoft Fish Market on the map where it rightfully belongs.

Chris James – Fish Grader and QA

Chris has been part of the BFP Eastern Ltd team for 40+ years. He ensures that the fishermen catch is graded and presented to the highest standard to ensure the fishermen catch obtains the highest price possible. Chris is hardworking and proactive always keen to offer a helping hand to the fishermen landing at Lowestoft.

Chris is available for vessel fuelling and water supplies on a daily basis. For all enquiries please refer to our Contact page.

Martin Mitchell – Chief Auctioneer and Office Manager

Martin has worked as the lead auctioneer of BFP Eastern Ltd for 40+ years. His auctioneering skills ensure a fair and honest price for the fishermen’s catch. In addition Martin offers advice regarding past and future fish quotas and prices.

Martin posses a wealth of knowledge regarding the fishing industry and is a well respected individual within the East Coast fishing community.

Odin Mummery – Fisheries Consultant

Odin holds 40+ years experience within the fishing industry. Odin was previously employed as the Production Director of Lowestoft Cold Store, the largest flat fish processing factory in the UK employing 100+ members of dedicated staff.

Odin’s role as part of the BFP Eastern Ltd is to advise on company operations and fish sales.

Odin is available 24/7 for vessel fuelling and water supplies. For all enquiries please refer to our Contact page.